Minimize food wastage and maximize profitability

Being an intelligent vision system coupled to the production line, IVSILA enables companies in the food industry to respond to the societal issue of food wastage in a very profitable manner.

53% of food waste occurs during the production phase (*). It is therefore a major societal and economic issue.


IVSILA provides a solution to both the problem of food waste at the industrial level and the problem of efficiency of food production lines. IVSILA visually inspects products on the line and analyse production in real time: defective products are reported to the production line’s information system as well as related production data, allowing the sorting of defective products and the correction in real time of the production.


Thus, IVSILA facilitates and accelerates the digital transformation of the food production chain.


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Competitive Advantages

  • Near immediate profitability.
  • Information for the decision-makers, experts and operators.
  • Versatile and adaptable.
  • Flexible and customisable since it is based on production processes.
  • Notifications and alarms.
  • Multi-sensors capability.

Target Markets

  • Bakery and snack industries.
  • Large companies,
  • As well as SMEs.
  • France, Hungary and other EU countries first.
  • Then going global.


  • Specific requirements of bakery and technical targets have been defined.
  • The product is deployed in the pilot phase.
  • Pilot customer: Intersnack, a German snack food company, an European leader.
  • Market study and go-to-market phase are completed.
  • Partners are Campden BRI Hungary, Seacon Europe and optoPartner.

Road Map

  • 2021: development
  • 2022: pilot phase, development of product quality issues’ root cause analysis system, exploration of a generalized solution for applications in other food sectors.
  • 2023: commercialization, international dissemination of results in the food sector and identification of potential new clients.
  • 2023+: Continuous improvement based on market feedback.

Leveraged Technologies

  • Computer vision.
  • Simple and complex evaluation.
  • Complex analysis of food technology processes influencing product quality.
  • Artificial intelligence.
  • Data analysis and data visualization.
  • Multi-sensor capability.


Julius Lawson Daku
+33 1 39 43 51 94
79 avenue Aristide Briand

IVSILA is an innovation activity proudly supported by EIT Digital.

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